Above Average Gives a Shout Out to CUPCAKES!

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VULTURE Calls the Humor in CUPCAKES "honest and inclusive, and — for those reasons — inspiring"!

This newest piece from Greg Stees and Rachel Laforest really blows my hair back. Seriously, my hair is all the way back. Like gelled back, or so you’d think, when, in actuality, it’s just a short film called Cupcakes that’s responsible.

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Ain't It Cool News Exclaims "Holy hell" in Response to CUPCAKES!

Light and fluffy! Holy hell is here a short that goes in directions you might not see coming. Greg Stees is back, with Rachel Laforest as one nut of a cupcake enthusiast. Be sure to swing by Greg's website if you feel like checking out what else he's up to! It's just fun.  

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Refinery29 says Self Conscious Workout is their new favorite thing on the internet!

Trainers and other fitness stars often seem like superhuman machines fueled only by protein powder and satisfied only by sweat. So, we welcome the chance to be reminded that they, too, are human with their own particular brand of insecurities. Although Shelley's urge to indulge all of them probably isn't the most healthy. 

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SPLITSIDER gives you three reasons to watch Self Conscious Workout:

1. Rachel Laforest
2. Comedic detail
3. Aesthetic

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Ain't It Cool News Calls Moonwatch Awesomely Bizarre!

Ah, a look back to an alternative 90's, a 90's in which we had something as awesomely bizarre as BAYWATCH in space. Written and directed by Greg Stees, starring Rachel Laforest and Clint Keepin - we have this quirky "what if" of a science fiction comedy. "Hot lifeguards Bonnie and Hatch must protect Lunar Beach from danger in this collection of TV promos from the most unpopular lifeguard show of the 90's."

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