Jet Lag Pro | CUPCAKES  Sugar and spice and everything goes wrong...

DOG PERV | Music Video  Tired of dogs sniffing your crotch without even asking first? Us too. Written, produced, and starring Rachel Laforest and Leah Knauer

All Like Whatever | Music Video George Watsky’s latest love story takes a comedic turn! Rachel plays the morph suit woman!

Craziest Interview Clips: Beads by Dré (Reality Show Parody)  Dré, an eccentric Long Island mom, owns a popular bead store where anything can happen. 

Craziest Interview Clips: Beads by Dré 2 (Reality Show Parody)  Beads by Dre, Beats by Dre, Beets by Dre

CollegeHumor 2 | Moonwatch  If there's water on the moon, there must be lifeguards, right? Content creator: Greg Stees

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CollegeHumor | How Couples Talk on Facebook  But... can't you two just talk in person?

CollegeHumor 2 | Marcy's BF Has a Rattail  Just when you thought you'd seen your last rattail...

Official Selection - Chicago Comedy Film Festival 2015

CollegeHumor 2 | Marcy's BF Won't Stop Spraying  Right, so, where does he actually stand on water conservation?

CollegeHumor 2 | Rapping With A Split Personality  Wait, why didn't this make the cut? 

CollegeHumor 2 | Keep Recording  Just when the footage gets good this guy breaks into song. 

CollegeHumor 2 | Women To Men: Please Catcall Us (PSA)  All public service announcements should be sarcastic. 

CollegeHumor | If CrossFitters Took a Yoga Class  Relax your mind so you can destroy your body. 

Jet Lag Pro | What happens in the game... Are you ready for some REAL fun?!?

CollegeHumor | George R.R. Martin Ruins Christmas  He's dreaming of a Red Wedding.

Dragonchaser | Official Trailer  Indie Comedy Feature.  An aspiring filmmaker exploits his only friends to finish an epic fantasy film during a weekend film competition. Written & Directed by Greg Stees 

Channel 101 LA | RobBocop  This RoboCop is really sad. 2014 RoboCop Reboot. Super-human robotic police officer with clinical depression. Rob Bocopski is RobBocop! 

CollegeHumor 2 | Theme Park That's Definitely Safe and Totally Not Dangerous  We survived the promotional video, so that's a plus.

Buddy Wives | Valentine's Day Special  Written & Directed by Greg Stees

Campus Movie Fest | spine  "spine" is an experimental short film which juxtaposes beauty and pain. It was inspired by previous photographic work of the artist, Rachel Ilg. The spine theme is explored throughout the film with its split screen edit and through the strong backbone of the female character. "spine" was a one-woman production.